Family Focus Newsletters


January/February Newsletter 2017 – The Importance of Disability Planning


January/February Newsletter 2016 – Estate Planning for the New Year

March/April Newsletter 2016 – Should Your Child With Special Needs Have a College Savings Account?

May/June Newsletter 2016 – How Should I Own My Florida Homestead Property?

July/August Newsletter 2016 – They’re Here… Florida ABLE Accounts

September/October Newsletter 2016 – Understanding the Probate Process: Why Probate is Not a Four-Letter Word

November/December Newsletter 2016 – Nursing Home Evictions: Can you be Kick-Out of the Nursing Home?


January/February Newsletter 2015 – Topic: Your Estate Planning New Year’s Resolution

March/April Newsletter 2015 – Topic: The ABLE – Act What it Means for Individuals with Special Needs

May/June Newsletter 2015 – Topic: Medicare’s “Observation Status” Trap and What to Do about It

July/August Newsletter 2015 – Estate Planning for Your Business

September/ October Newsletter 2015 – Probate v. Non-Probate Assets

November/ December Newsletter 2015 – Changes in Florida’s Health Care Surrogate Law and What They Mean for You


January/February Newsletter 2014 – Topic: How Do You Handle a Dispute with a Nursing Home?

March/April Newsletter 2014 – Topic: Florida Legislature Passes New Revised Limited Liability Company Act

May/June Newsletter 2014 – Topic: The Ins and Outs of Traditional Guardianship and Guardian Advocacy

July/August Newsletter 2014 – Topic: Can Medicaid Take My Florida Homestead?

September/October Newsletter 2014 – Topic: Are You or Your Spouse Eligible for Veteran’s Benefits?

November/December Newsletter 2014 – Topic: What is the Family Allowance?


January/February Newsletter 2013 – Topic: The Importance of a Comprehensive Power of Attorney

March/April Newsletter 2013 – Topic: Estate Planning in Uncertain Times

May/June Newsletter 2013 – Topic: Can Undue Influence Invalidate Your Advance Directives?

July/August Newsletter 2013 – Topic: What Seniors Need to Know About Planning for Adult Disabled Children

September/October Newsletter 2013 – Topic: Should I Own My Florida Homestead Property In My Revocable Living Trust?

November/December Newsletter 2013 – Topic: Estate Planning for Your Online Identity


January/February Newsletter 2012 – Topic: IRA Beneficiary Designations

March/April Newsletter 2012 – Topic: Should Nonprofit Directors Worry about Personal Liability?

May/June Newsletter 2012 – Topic: Ten Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

July/August Newsletter 2012 – Topic: What is Guardian Advocacy and Who Needs it?

September/October Newsletter 2012 – Topic: New Law Changes: How Divorce Affects Beneficiary Designations

November/December Newsletter 2012 – Topic: Recent Social Security POMS Change and How it Affects Special Needs Trusts


January/February Newsletter 2011 – Topic: The New Estate Tax Bill and What it Means for You and Your Family

March/April Newsletter 2011 – Topic: The Olmstead Decision and What it Means for Single-Member LLCs in Florida

May June Newsletter 2011– Topic: The New Estate Tax Bill and What it Means for You and Your Family

July/ August Newsletter 2011– Topic: Are You Ready for Your Child with Special Needs Eighteenth Birthday?

September/October Newsletter 2011 – Topic: Legislative Changes to Durable Power of Attorney Statute

November/December Newsletter 2011 – Topic: Divorce and Beneficiary Designation Forms – Who Wins?


March/April Newsletter 2010 – Topic: Breaking News: Social Security Disability

May/June Newsletter 2010 – Topic: Coordinating Long- Term Care Veteran’s Benefits

July/August Newsletter 2010 – Topic: Understanding 501 (c) (3) Nonprofits

September/October Newsletter 2010 – Topic: Decent of Homestead: The New Election of the Surviving Spouse

November/December Newsletter 2010 – Topic: 2011 Marks the Return of the Estate Tax


January/February Newsletter 2009 – Topic: Updating Your Estate Planning

March/April Newsletter 2009 – Topic: Appointment of Guardian Advocates

May/June Newsletter 2009 – Topic: 7 Reasons to Establish a Special Needs Trust

July/August Newsletter 2009 – Topic: Advanced Planning and Kids in College Planning

September/October Newsletter 2009 – Topic: Don’t Leave Children Unequal Shares by Mistake

November/December Newsletter 2009 – Topic: What is a Pooled Trust


January Newsletter 2008 – Topic: Updating Your Estate Plan

February Newsletter 2008 – Topic: What if Caregivers Need Care?

March Newsletter 2008 – Topic: Y.E.S.! Your Enterprise Success Workshops & Lunch and Learns

April Newsletter 2008 – Topic: Autism Awareness Month

May/June Newsletter 2008 – Topic: Answering the Call to Duty

July/August Newsletter 2008 – Topic: Hoyt & Bryan, LLC Team Update

Sept/October Newsletter 2008 – Topic: Prenuptial Agreements

November/December Newsletter 2008 – Topic: Choosing a Fiduciary


January Newsletter 2007 – Topic: Family Legacy

February Newsletter 2007 – Topic: Special Letter of Instruction

March Newsletter 2007 – Topic: Making Medical & Financial Decisions for Your Partner

April Newsletter 2007 – Topic: A Letter of Last Instruction

May Newsletter 2007 – Topic: Elder Law Month

June/July Newsletter 2007 – Topic: Your Kids and Money

August/September Newsletter 2007 – Topic: Enacts Uniform Trust Code

October Newsletter 2007 – Topic: Memory Walk

November Newsletter 2007 – Topic: Y.E.S.! Your Enterprise Success

December Newsletter 2007 – Topic: DRA Update